Women in Logistics Industry : An equal world is an enabled world

An equal world is an enabled world

Women in Logistics Industry : An equal world is an enabled world

Back in the 70s when technology was used to automate the supply chain, an elementary billing machine was one of the most fascinating equipment followed by scanners, printers, and inventory management software reducing and easing human labor. As with the time and ever-growing technological advancement, tools enabling the advancement of the supply chain process expanded along with.

Supply chain and logistics if looked upon as an industry has always been contemplated as the most labor-intensive sector whether it be the task of delivering goods to places, to being middle management of the supply chain or handling the wholesome business.

The male influence in the industry has been apparent ever after the inception and has been the same over the years. Although there has been a jump in the number of women working in different industries, the supply chain sector still falls far behind in engaging more women. The proportion of men in logistics is significantly high in comparison with the number of women.  In an industry of around 125 million, mere 1-2% are women working worldwide. This can be attributed to many reasons which further can be traced back to the past as different countries have their own cultural bars, clichés and accordingly the status of working women varies from industry to industry.

Women were looked upon as a weaker sex, not physically inclined for the industry and this was the major cause for the misproportion.  Hence, it was difficult to attract more women and retain those who were already employed in the because of the competitive market, overall culture and attitudes within the existing workforce.

Given equal opportunities as men, we see a lot of women succeeding better in their careers and being successful as a person.

With the evolution of various norms in society and the working culture, there has been a decent change in the outlook of the people and companies towards the working of women. Given the boost, more and more women are reaching out to contribute and connect to the logistics and supply chain industry. Not only women, at present more organizations are taking a stand to attract a significant number of women to have more diversity and introduction at the senior level.

With industries utilizing the new technology in operations that once was more labor which was not ideal for women, has now been more easy and quick enabling women to contribute in this sector and managing responsibilities outside their career.

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