Which is better? RFID or Barcode


Which is better? RFID or Barcode

There have been quite the talks in the industry about the two automated data collection forms: RFID and barcodes and if the latter will be replaced by the first. However, both carry product information but differ largely. RFID, Radio-Frequency Identification refers to a method where digital data of unique is encoded or captured via radio waves. Nonetheless, Barcode does the same thing but it has to be directly aligned with an optical scanner whereas RFID tag data could be read outside beeline.

Major Differences

With time, technological advancement has been at a great pace in both RFID and barcodes offering more benefits and solutions. But with everything comes disadvantages too.

Barcode is compact and cheap. RFID can tag from distance for 10 feet at a much faster rate. Although if we talk about accuracy barcode takes the place but RFID has much more complex features like data encryption, password protection, which can carry a large amount of data and read/write devices. Barcode continues to be famous as the cost of implementing RFID can be very high for some companies.

Technology has always fascinated and kept the interest of people and RFID companies can imitate the perception of an automated tracking system.

Who wins? 

Both of these forms play an important role in assisting corporations to reduce their costs and enhance their services. There’s nothing left to discover or create which is revolutionary. What’s getting better are technical aspects, such as reliability of hardware, reading range and usability standards, which open up new markets and enable the technologies to be used in ways we hadn’t thought of at first? For example, the general cost reduction also allows the innovations to be used in areas where they were not financially viable previously. Though both have their advantages and disadvantages, one may be preferable and others may suit your specific needs so one can’t be said to be more superior to the other.

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