Roses, candies and more: Valentine’s day and Logistics!

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Roses, candies and more: Valentine’s day and Logistics!

Since its inception, 14th February has been celebrated as a symbol of love, more often by exchanging gifts like greeting cards, candy/sweets or roses. Though not as a holiday in many countries, more than 50% of the adult population of the world splash out deep for their loved ones on this occasion.

So if you’re planning on celebrating Valentine’s this weekend, you might gift your loved ones with flowers, wine and other elements of love and affection. But there are people and entities working behind the scene to make your day a memorable one as it comes once in a year. Who are they?

From avoiding every possible damage in the warehouse where flowers are kept at low temperatures, delivering the gifts to the right place on time, logistics involves a great synchronization of different facilities, merchants and retailers. Valentine’s day demands a great deal of logistics movement of the essentials of love, that is, flowers, chocolates, wines, gifts and whatever adorable you can think of. Valentine’s day contributes phenomenally to the global trade and the transactions will keep on rising exponentially every year.

In this era, when the cohort of masses possess the willingness to spend more and more on the Valentine’s Day, the optimization of the supply chain is very crucial as no retailer, supplier or merchant would want to lose out in the competition for attaining service deliveries and unhappy customers. Hence, an effective logistics process to help you keep a track of your orders digitally is largely significant.

 India’s love for valentine’s day

According to a survey, around 30-40% of the total population celebrate Valentine’s Day, with an average outlay of Rs. 1500 – 2000 per purchase.

Around 73% feel the need to gift something to their loved ones, the rest 27% like to dine out. Interestingly, more than 90% either shop for the gifts online or wait for the online sale for buying gifts.

In 2015, in a week, around Rs. 22,000 crores were spent by love-struck Indians which was 40% more year on year. If we look into the metrics of the quantum of roses exported from India, Rs. 30 crores worth of roses were exported to various countries like United Kingdom, UAE, China, Thailand, Singapore and so on.

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    The essence of logistics and supply chain even for Valentine’s day, nicely wrapped up in the blog

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