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NAFTA north American free trade agreement: A free trade agreement, implemented January 1, 1994, between Canada, the United States and Mexico.

National industrial transportation league: An association which represents the interests of shippers and receivers in transport policy and regulation matters.

NCTS New Computerised Transit System : This transit system, the New Computerized Transit System (NCTS), is used by customs for electronic transit declarations T1. The declaration involves sending an electronic letter to the customs inside the transit system. As the notifying party, the transit declaration data must be entered into the transit system by yourself. You must be in possession of a “license to announce customs transit electronically” to do so.

Negotiable BOL: Provides for the delivery of goods to a designated company or to its order (anyone they may designate), but only upon surrender to the carrier or carrier’s agents of the required approval and the lading bill.

Nesting : Nesting means that the cargo is placed stacked in the contour of similarly shaped cargo, it could be likened to a stack of plates. This is especially relevant for the presentation of conveyor strakes.

Node: A fixed point in the logistics system of a company, where supplies come to rest; includes factories, warehouses, sources of supply, and markets.

No Location (No Loc): A received object for which there is no previously established storage space at the warehouse.

Non-Certificated carrier: A for-hire air carrier which is not subject to economic regulation.

Nonconformity: Failure to fulfill a specified requirement.

Non-Negotiable BOL: Provides goods to be shipped to a named client and to no other. Often known as straight lading bill.

Non reversible Detention

Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC): A business which provides the same services as an ocean carrier but does not own or operate a vessel. NVOCCs generally act as consolidators, accepting and consolidating small shipments (LCLs) into complete container loads. These also collect and distribute foreign containers that originate in inland ports, or are attached to them. They then serve as a shipper, tendering the containers to common carriers in the oceans. We are required to submit tariffs to the Federal Maritime Commission and are subject to the same laws and regulations as primary common carriers.

NOR Notice of Readiness

North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA): A free trade agreement, implemented January 1, 1994, between Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Notify Party: An organization name, or person, that should be notified when a shipment arrives at its destination.

Not otherwise specified/Not elsewhere specified (NOS/NES): The definition also appears in tariffs for oceans or air freight, respectively. If no rate exists in the tariff for the particular commodity delivered, then a general class rate (e.g.: NES printed matter) must apply. These rates are typically higher than specified product rates.

NRT net registered tonnage

NVD: No value declared