Mumbai Airport opens world’s largest and fully automated Export Cold Zone

world largest temp controlled facility store

Mumbai Airport opens world’s largest and fully automated Export Cold Zone

GVK led Mumbai International Airport Limited (MIAL) to manage Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) and launched the world’s largest airport temperature-controlled facility–the Export Cold Zone. The terminal includes unique facilities for the processing and storage of Agro and Pharma products.

The facility can hold over 700 tons at one-time with a combined annual throughput of 5,25,000 tons. The fully automated infrastructure caters to the ever-burgeoning demand for pharmaceutical and agricultural goods.

Key Features :

Annual Capacity of 525000 metric tons (Wold’s largest airport-based Export temperature-controlled facility)

Exclusive terminals for processing and storage of Agro and pharma products.

Total 12 trucks with dock levelers from the erstwhile 03 docks

Total 6000 sqm of the operational area from the previous 2144sqm area

Total 10 ULD build-up workstations from earlier 03 workstations

Total 172 ULD Storage position form the erstwhile 40 ULD positions.

Pharma Terminal can hold 140 ULD positions [Cargo for 03 freighteres]

Agro terminal can hold 32 ULD positions

Automated temperature monitoring systems

Temperature display at various points.

50 Power outlets for Active Containers.

Uninterrupted power supply with backups.

24×7 CCTV and Security Surveillance.

MIAL Cooltainer – Extended Cool Chain facility from terminal to aircraft bay.

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