Medium, heavy trucks to face the brunt of Covid in 2020


Medium, heavy trucks to face the brunt of Covid in 2020

India’s medium- and heavy commercial vehicle (M&HCV) market may be Covid-19’s greatest victim, contributing to a complete economic paralysis.  Vehicles usually bear loads in this segment varying from 15 to over 50 tons. 

Used extensively in the infrastructure space across sectors like roads/highways/bridges, construction, mining etc, it is the M&HCV segment that is often touted as the best reference point for the health of an economy like India.

Facing headwinds Unfortunately things are very bleak on that front right now, because Covid-19 has effectively disrupted all expectations for development across industries for most of this year and into the next year. In any event, the M&HCV room was experiencing extreme headwinds long before this crisis exploded and things would only get worse from now on.

For one aspect, when the lockout is removed, but under the most hopeful case, early next month, a lion’s share of fleet operators will hardly be in a position to restart operations. There’s no suggestion that another extension will be enforced after May 3 because that would focus on the pandemic’s distribution and intensity.



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