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K1:  Authorization document allowing natural and legal persons to procure one or more self-owned vehicles from the Ministry of Transportation, Maritime and Communication to carry out road transport of intercity goods.

Kaizen: A Japanese word for change-continued improvement that includes all-managers and employees. In manufacturing, kaizen relates to the detection and removal of waste in equipment, labor or processing methods

Kingpin: The big pin which connects the tow-car to the semi-trailer

Kitting: Light assembly of components or parts into specified units, Kitting reduces the need to hold an inventory of pre-built, finished products, but increases the time and labor consumed during shipment.

Keel: A ship sailing for and aftet centreline; the core of a vessel.

Knocked Down: To decommission the load to be reassembled for economical loading purposes.

Known shipper(ACN): An established shipper in air freight is a group known and licensed as a trusted sender in compliance with the Royal Netherlands Military Constabulary (KMar) and Air Cargo Netherlands (ACN) regulations. Embassy Freight Rotterdam is a known shipper.