How logistics is making daliy life easy.

logistics making daily easy

How logistics is making daliy life easy.

Logistics in Everyday Life

Think of some event, restaurant or movie you went to last time. The type of experience is what would have registered in your mind. Perhaps not the inception of the by-products required to organize business in everyday life. Logistics is crucial in handling the materials which are used to complete the product.

Logistics and transportation are responsible not only for handling or moving goods and commodities but also for moving people around. Every bus you took, every dining out you had, every shopping you’ve done, it has been there with you.

Imagine a life without it!

Logistics is used generally to refer to the process of planning, coordination and moving resources, goods, equipment, and people from origin or one location to a warehouse or desired location.

Let’s take an example for better understanding:

In India, Swiggy a food delivery app has been very eminent when it comes to delivering food at doorsteps. With a consumer base of more than 50 million and serving 1.4 million food orders daily, it satisfies the hunger of all segments in India.

But how does the food gets from order to your home?


See, when order is placed from a restaurant via the app, the preparation of the order is started, but before that, all the basic raw ingredients required to prepare is brought from the market, checked for any impurities or defects and then are immediately placed in refrigerated containers to preserve them for current and future needs. After your order is prepared by the restaurant, it is exchanged by the delivery executive or the medium to which it gets to your door.

Transportation, logistics and supply chain!

It’s not just a food delivery app. E-karts, ride-sharing companies and many more help you in transportation and logistics in one or the other way. Important festivals in India such as Diwali, Holi, Raksha Bandhan, Eid and many more which involve exchanging gifts to distant relative require courier services which carry out the complex process of handling and delivering by the specified time.

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