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EAN.UCC European Article Numbering/Uniform Code Council: European Article Numbering/Uniform Code Council. The EAN.UCC system provides guidelines for defining trade products, logistics units, locations, assets, and service relationships worldwide in a unique way. The identification criteria describe how globally unique and unambiguous numbers are constructed.

ECE  econominc commission for Europe of the United Nations

ECR Efficient Consumer response: A demand-driven replenishment system designed to connect all parties in the logistics channel to create a massive network of distribution flow-through. Replenishment is based on consumer demand and knowledge about the point of sale.

EDI Estimated Time of Arrival. It usually takes 3 hours for carriers to Break Bulk then ready to be picked up by forwarders along with notification of customs entry.

EDIFACT Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, commerce, and Transport. The United Nations’ EDI standard.

EDI Standards: Criteria specifying the data quality and format specifications for specific business transactions (for example, purchase orders). The use of standard formats allows companies to more readily share transactions with different trading partners.

EDI Transmission

Efficient Consumer Response(ECR): A demand-driven depletion mechanism designed to connect all parties in the logistics channel and create a massive distribution network that flows through. The replenishment is based on information about consumer demand and the point of sale.

EFT electronic funds transfer: A computerized system that processes, or exchanges value, financial transactions and information about those transactions. Send payment instructions through a computer network, or electronic value exchange from company to company, company to bank or bank to bank.

EIR Equipment Interchange receipt

EIS Emergency Imbalance Surcharge : Emergency Imbalance Surcharge. In the case of multiple destination ports, the amount of inbound cargo exceeds the amount of outbound cargo resulting in large quantities of empty containers on the quayside being faced by the shipping companies, which are no longer used for export. To be able to transport these containers to the nearest hub for reuse, an Emergency Imbalance Surcharge (EIS) will be paid to cover these costs on the outboard freight.

Electronic Cargo Tracking Note: If you are shipping to or from one of the listed countries, you will need special waiver certificate documents to clear the customs

Electric Stacker: An electrical piece of equipment, used by moving them vertically to stack cargo on pallets. It has no operator cabin which operates it on foot. Compared to classic stacking equipment such as a reach truck, this is a smaller and more economical device. It also has a lower maximum elevation of reach.

Embargo: A ban on exports or imports, either with specific products or countries in question.

ENC Electronic navigation chart

Enroute: A term used for goods in transit or on the way to a destination.

ENS Entry summary Declaration

Entry Form:  The paperwork that must be submitted with Customs in order to obtain the release of imported goods and to allow duties and statistics to be obtained. Also called a Customs Entry Form or Entry.

EORI Economic Operator registration and identification: The EORI number is a unique number usually allocated by a customs authority throughout the European Community.

Equipment I.D.: A code assigned to one piece of equipment by the carrier

ERTMS European Rail traffic Management system

ERS Evaluated Receipts Settlement:  A mechanism for approving payment of goods based on actual receipts with details on the purchase order when the price has been agreed already. The basic premise behind ERS is that the shipping paperwork has already delivered all the information in an invoice. The invoice is therefore removed, and the shipping record is used to compensate the vendor.

ETA Estimated time of arrival

ETC Estimated time of Completion/ Closing

ETD Estimated time of departure The cut-off time for treating freight ramps from carriers is typically two hours ahead of ETD. However, the consolidation cut-off period of the freight forwarders can vary depending on the operations of each forwarder, respectively.

ETS Expected time of sailing

European Conference of Ministers of transport(ECMT)

Ex A: When things are to be exported outside the European Union, an Ex-A document is required. An Ex-A document is an export document needed when a shipment originating in the EU leaves the territory of Europe. So it is about goods that aren’t going to return to their roots.

Ex works: An international trading delivery method which entails only the cost of the goods and requires the seller to deliver the goods at his own warehouse or place of business. The buyer undertakes all costs, risks and other liabilities related to the goods upon delivery of the goods. The seller is not expected to load the goods onto a motor vehicle, nor is it necessary to deal with customs.

Exclusive Use: Vehicles allocated by a carrier to a designated shipper for their exclusive use

Exempt Carrier:  An economically operated for-hire carrier. Trucks that contain those goods are excluded from economic regulation by the Interstate Commerce

Commission. The largest portion of exempt carriers brings agricultural commodities or fish, by far.

Expediting:  Moving shipments at a speedier pace across regular channels. (2) Take drastic measures due to an increase in relative importance.

Export: To send goods and services to another country

Export Compliance: Compliance with the export regulations, including labeling, labelling, and documentation.

Export Broker:  An organization that brings buyer and seller together for a contract, and eventually withdraws from the transaction.

Export Declaration: A document provided by the U.S. Treasury Department and completed by the exporter to display the export shipment’s related value, weight, consignee, destination, etc . The document serves two purposes: to gather trade statistics and provide a control document if a valid export license is required for the products.

Export Licence:  A document secured from a government authorizing an exporter to export a specific quantity of a controlled commodity to a certain country. An export license is often required if a government has placed embargoes or other restrictions upon export

Export management Company: A private company that operates as an export department for several producers, solicits and transacts export business on behalf of its customers in exchange for a fee, salary or retention plus commission

Export Sales Contract: In any foreign deal, the initial document; outlines the terms of the sales agreement between buyer and seller.

Export trading Company:  A company that purchases domestic products for sale abroad. A trading company takes title to the goods; usually, an export-management company does not.

Exporter Identification Number(EIN): A number needed on the Export Declaration of the Shipper for the exporter. A business may use its IRS-issued Federal Employee Identification Number; individuals may use their Social Security Numbers.

Express: Carrier payments to its customers when ships, railcars, or trailers are unloaded or ready for use in less than the time allowed by the contract. (2) Using the delivery priority kit to reach delivery overnight or second day.

Ex works: The price quoted by the seller applies only to the place of origin. At the point of origin, the buyer takes possession of the shipment and assumes all the costs and risks associated with shipping the goods to the destination.