Does Covid-19 disruption expose a ‘supply chain comorbidity’?


Does Covid-19 disruption expose a ‘supply chain comorbidity’?

Locked up in New York, Paris, London. Sunk world financial markets. Scarcity of hospital beds. Empty shelves. The Covid-19 pandemic has created an unimaginable phenomenon that has only been pictured in doomsday film scripts to date. Nearer to India, we’re in the middle of the biggest quarantine in human history. As industry participants we have witnessed the word “supply chain” being common in public discourse, particularly in the nation’s talks with Prime Minister Modi. The pandemic has now disrupted the usual course of global commerce in a limited period and the isolation steps adopted by major economies are likely to slow down international trade further.The World Trade Organisation (WTO) has estimated that, owing to Covid-19, global merchandise exchange would plunge from 13 per cent (most optimistic) to 32 per cent (most pessimistic).

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