Corona virus led recession on world economy and impact on India

Impact on Indian economy, due to the Corona led recession on World economy.

When the March numerical picture appears to be taking shape, there can be no doubt about what everybody already knows:  The coronavirus pandemic could spark a global recession in...

Vijayawada: Youth asked to grab opportunities in logistics sector

According to Afzal TI, academic director of the Kerala-based ICSAT Institute of Management on Saturday, a workshop on ' Employment opportunities in Logistics and Chain Management ' organized by the Logistics Department of Kakaraparti Bhavanarayana College here is waiting to be grabbed in the logistics field. Confronting the students, Afzal stated business and commercial enterprises were evolving all over the world and along with the logistics was also evolving. He urged the students to develop communication skills in order to seize opportunities. "They will keep a close eye on logistics trends by monitoring market needs and improvements," he said.   src:thehansindia