BLR Airport help export 1,425 MT perishables in April amid lockdown

The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) urged policymakers to exclude freight movement from any restrictions to the need to preserve its continued existence and viability. Air freight is important in the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic crisis for the shipment of fuel, vital needs and health-related goods. The world economy still requires air freight for companies and manufacturers to start providing.

BLR Airport help export 1,425 MT perishables in April amid lockdown

During April 2020 Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru (KIAB or BLR Airport) processed 1,425 metric tons (MT) of perishable cargo. Karnataka’s countrywide shutdown and eventual blockade of district boundaries had a significant effect on freight flow. As a result, perishables saw a decrease of 49 percent compared to 2.770 MT processed last year during the same month.

This decline was primarily attributed to constraints on transportation, farmworkers’ shortages and numerous other problems faced by farmers and shippers.

Doha was the highest destination, having earned 834 MT for perishables from Bengaluru, Dubai was second with 146 MT and London was third with 110 MT. Ten airlines, including two Indian carriers, transported perishables to 28 foreign destinations. The perishables were transported from different parts of Karnataka which included vegetables and fruits.


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