5 Tips For Work From Home Success During Lockdown

5 Tips For Work From Home Success During Lockdown

Around the 70s, “telecommuting” or e-work was speculated to become a norm in 20-25 coming years, which certainly became true. Work from home has in recent times been acquired in many parts of the world but its recognition in India has stayed restricted. In the past few weeks, numerous Indian corporations have instructed their workers to operate from home to socially isolate people in the wake of  COVID-19 spread.

Working from home is overwhelming, just when you get into some family discussion or distraction from the noisy neighbors. For many experts, working from home every now and then is a privilege given to us by our respective businesses. It provides many opportunities to improve efficiency, compares stability and promotes better job-life balance.

Yet the atmosphere will actually make us more productive: the home office or the workplace? The key reason behind it is productivity as working from home is great but not well managed.

Let’s dig into the tips and best practices for working from home.

Building a workspace


If you work in an office, there are plenty of cues and connections in the atmosphere that help you get into the right mind frame to be effective. You might not remember them while they’re there, but if you’re away working at home, their absence will make it harder to get going–particularly if you relax and have fun in your home atmosphere.

So, the first step is to assign an area in your home to get the work done. This could be anything from an empty room to the guest room which you can convert as per your needs. Disregard of the location, the workplace should be an area which is quiet so that you can focus and commit to working daily.

Starting off early

starting of early

Now that you’re all set up with your workplace, let’s start off with the part where things get real. When you have your set office timings, you’re compelled to be on time which in return helps you to wake up early and feel work-ready. However, at home, you tend to get a bit lousy in starting off.

One way to do it is to begin before the clock and prepare/update your to-do list. This will help you to set priorities and tasks in order. Furthermore, set time limits and goals for each task which will help you get effective in the long run.

Dress Up

dress up for office

Not an ironed shirt and pant as per your thought for a remote job, but if it works well for you there’s no argument in that. But there’s an immense strength in what you wear that makes you feel more motivated and competent.

To avoid the catch of wearing pajamas all day and barely moving, get into something that makes you feel more energized and once you’re in a boat you sail to the other shore.

Alarm and Break

take a break during long hours

You can find it convenient, as a homeworker, to work long hours without taking a break. Stopping throwing on another load of laundry doesn’t count as rest, nor does you snatch food from the fridge and take it back to your office.

Short break sessions might feel like a pleasant experience, but they’re everything but you’re going to receive breaks and should spend your time relaxing and recharging. If it’s tough for you to take breaks, try looking at it with a mentality of development. You intend for long-term growth, and you want to operate sustainably.

Set an alarm clock to go off every two hours in the room far from your desk to help you get into the routine. Using such reminders as chances to take a rest and get ready.

Avoid Distractions and Stay focused

stay focused while Work; from home

It can be overwhelming, particularly if you have small children at home, or a few pets, who all want your attention. When you’re home all day, every day, then loved ones might disturb you without a better understanding.

Having strong limits for your families when you are working is easiest. When it helps in improved success at work, it is not being nasty.

The counterpoint from home advice to this job is that when you’re away from work you have to be there with your family and friends. Turn up 100 percent and throw away your business phone during operating hours.

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